The Lowdown on SwimFins!

19 August 2015

There’s a brilliant swimming aid you might have been seeing at your Turtle Tots classes, your local leisure centres or on holiday. Have you noticed little ones sporting a shark fin on their back? It’s SwimFin! SwimFin is unique in every way. Getting kids down to the pool or into the water suddenly becomes a pleasure and not a chore. Kids want to strap on their SwimFin and jump in with their friends! SwimFin’s non-restrictive nature means your child learns to swim in a natural position without any restrictions around the arms or legs. SwimFin aims to make learning to swim a pleasurable experience for all family members. We guarantee you’ll notice a difference in confidence immediately!

What does SwimFin offer you?

·       Inspires confidence, imagination and play

·       Ultra-safe- stays in one place, no tipping or slipping and is highly visible

·       Works across all four swim strokes- multi-stroke functional

·       Ages 2+ -makes learning to swim fun for any age, size and ability

·       No restrictive movements and helps maintain a natural swimming position

·       Used as a training and teaching tool


When a child puts on a SwimFin, they immediately become more active and want to play in the water. Their confidence soars and they are more receptive to the learning process and are open to  experimenting and having fun. SwimFin plays a psychological part in learning to swim, even before a lesson has started. Kids love the feeling of safety and security that the SwimFin gives them. It motivates and encourages imagination and play. 

SwimFin is the first truly new development in the teaching of swimming for decades. We’ve tried and tested the SwimFin heavily. Unlike arm-bands, noodles or other devices, SwimFin works in harmony with the body, helping to develop a better and more natural swimming position. SwimFin also compensates for different abilities, providing as much support as the swimmer needs, yet giving confidence to even the most timid learner. SwimFin is also a flotation device that complies with international safety standards, providing enough buoyancy to keep an adult afloat. And after it has done its job as a learning aid, SwimFin will always find use as a fun water toy!

SwimFin is suitable for children ages 2 and up and comes in 8 GREAT colours. We sell the pink and green SwimFins in the shop on our website or visit for lots more information.

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