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02 September 2015

This week at Turtle Tots Aberdeen we welcomed Brodie, Oliver, Finlay, Sophia & Katie to our Turtle Tots baby programme. These teeny babies started off their Turtle Tots journey in the comfort of their mummy's tummy at our Aqua-natal Yoga classes. This lovely group of new mums met at  Turtle Tums classes and were keen to introduce their little ones to the water together.

Our Tums mums have found time in their busy lives to share their experience with you.

'It seems like a life time ago when I would look forward to floating into the pool to relieve the aches, pains and stresses of being a busy mum-to-be! I attended Turtle Tums classes initially to relieve my tired legs, I had no idea the journey it would take me on and the wonderful people I would meet along the way'

'My first class was a little daunting, I am not the most confident of swimmers and was unsure if this would be the class for me.  I quickly felt at ease and was happy to hear the other ladies experiencing the same anxieties and uncertainties as me.  I worked full time & over time & seemed to have an endless to do list, within the first ten minutes of the class I had forgotten my lists and was happily bobbing in the water with my hands over my bump, taking the time to say hello to the new life growing inside of me. It felt wonderful. My baby gave me a little kick and I instantly for the first time felt connected and the bonding with my beautiful baby started there. I peaked through my closed eyes and saw the other mums smiling at their babies. My journey as a mum took a whole new direction.'

'Using the calming and breathing techniques discussed in class, I learned to slow down and I felt great after every class! The stretches and postures were great and I noticed the aches and pains of carrying a heavy load were eased and I had a greater awareness of my general posture and fitness through out the rest of my pregnancy.'

'During the early stages of labour I was able to use breathing and visualisation techniques to make it to the end of contractions and relax in between. I was so proud of myself and glad I had taken the time during my pregnancy for me and my baby to bond. I popped myself in the bath and felt instantly connected with my baby and relaxed.'

'One of the highlights of each class was catching up with the other ladies who were all going to be new mummies too. We shared our grumps and highlights of being pregnant and enjoyed making plans together for when our little ones arrived over coffee after classes.'

'It was so exciting waiting to hear the news of each baby arriving, we had already booked up to the same Turtle Tots class and once everyone had welcomed their baby into the world we were looking forward to getting them all together again to meet each other!'

'Bringing a new baby to swimming was a lot less stressful than I had imagined. There was a lovely teacher there to greet us and show us where to go. She had lots of tips on how to change your baby safely and quickly and helped take the worry away, we were REALLY excited!  Happy nappy on and cosy towel on stand by, we popped into the wonderful warm water and started our first lesson!'

 'It was amazing to carry on the wonderful bond we had already started in the water while I was pregnant. I loved every minute of it and cannot wait to get back in the water next week. I wondered if my teeny baby, only 8 weeks old, would take to the water but he was so relaxed and content. Both me and Daddy are delighted we have started his swimming journey already.'

At Turtle Tots Aberdeen we are delighted to be able to offer Aqua-natal Yoga classes and are delighted to see our bumps returning as babies! We have such wonderful and friendly customers and feel privileged to watch pregnant mothers progress in our Tums class and we all love a cuddle from a new born, especially one you watched dance about their mummy's tummy as they relaxed in the pool!

 A special thank you to the ladies who shared their experiences and to Michelle, Marielle, Shona, Sharon & Tara for being fab models!


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