Turtle Tots Teachers receive the most up-to-date baby swimming training based on the latest research

07 March 2017

At Turtle Tots we ensure that your little Turtle Tot benefits from the best possible teaching by making sure all our teachers are trained to the highest possible standards based on the latest research.

Our Aquatics Manager, Jo Wood, tells us more about the latest Diploma training, which is based on the latest academic research into babies’ brain development.

“One of the high points of 2016 for me was being asked by the STA to attend the first Tutor Training course for the new Level 3 Baby and Pre-School Diploma.

The 4-day course, developed in association with Birthlight, is for baby and pre-school teachers who have had at least 50 hours of practical experience. The course is based on the latest academic research into babies’ brain development, along with current theories of how children learn.

At the heart of the new Diploma is communication – understanding that even the youngest babies are capable of communicating their emotions, wishes and consent. If as teachers we are ever responsive to babies’ signals and cues, and we encourage parents to do the same, then we can ensure the best possible start to swimming for our little ones.

12 of our Turtle Tots licensees have already done the Diploma course, all of them have begun to incorporate small changes into their lessons with great results and some fantastic feedback.

"Turtle Tots are committed to ensuring that all our licensees achieve the new Diploma by the end of 2017 in order that we remain at the forefront of developments within the infant aquatic industry.

The aim of this diploma is to raise the standard of baby and preschool swimming across the industry by expanding and developing the knowledge of baby swimming teachers in light of the most recent research and academic theories surrounding neuroscience, child development and pre-verbal communication.


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