Top Tips from our Top Teachers in Edinburgh - make the most of your time in the pool with these handy pointers

25 May 2017

We welcome lots of new babies each term, it’s one of our favourite parts of our job and we’re there to support you and your little one on their journey. Here are a few pieces of advice from our team to ensure you both get the most out of your lessons with us.


Give yourself time

This covers so many points. Time to get ready - it can be a juggle, but if you give yourself plenty time it will mean you enter the pool relaxed and ready for fun, rather than flustered and stressed. Also time after class to get your little one dressed and fed, as well as time to catch up with the other parents, time to make friends, we have many older children who have made friends for life in their Turtle Tots class. 


Give your baby time

Give them time to adjust, time for them to get used to the water and to progress at their own pace. Some are straight in splashing around, keen to get under the water. For others it might take a term to build up the confidence to put their heads under water. Your child will set their own pace and we say, just go with it. There is no rush. And this is why we take the first term slowly. Making solid foundations. Making you both feel totally comfortable before progressing.


Wobbles will pass

You might leave the first few classes on a high, with your baby loving this new experience, then a few classes in, or often when the get a few terms down the line, they might have a wobble. We all have our off days and for most it will pass in a week or two. The most important thing is that you use us. We have loads of experience with all types of wee swimmers and we’re there to support you. Give us a call or email out of class and we can chat it through and help you get them back on track. Stick with it as it’s so worth working your way through the odd setback. 


Have fun

Ultimately we are teaching your child a lifesaving skill, however we do so in a fun way. So we hope you and your baby will have a blast in our classes. We hear of little ones singing their songs at home, playing monkey, monkey on the sofas and practising what they’ve learned in the bath or on family trips to the pool.   


Babies love praise

Encourage, encourage, encourage. Be excited. Whoop with joy as they do their first unaided monkey, monkey. Give them big smiles as they emerge from their first underwater swim. Sing class songs on the way to get them in the mood. Embrace their excitement and you’ll both love the experience even more.  We always say you can’t be too enthusiastic (you’ll see that in our teachers too:)


Babies love repetition

For the parent, at times classes can seem to have repetitive aspects, the same songs and the same activities. However this is what babies like and this is how they learn best. If you have a slightly older child, you might have already noticed that they like the same episode of Peppa Pig over and over again! Whilst it might drive you up the wall, for a child it gives reassurance and security, and when children feel secure they develop much more quickly.  All of a sudden you will see a huge jump in ability once they have assimilated all the information in their own way. So please do trust that we’ve done all the research and have created a programme to best suit the development of little ones. And although it might seem like the same activity to you, we are carefully tweaking and watching, taking each child as an individual with individual needs, and always challenging your little one just a little bit more without them even realising:)



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