01 May 2018


Earlier this year we announced the launch of our very first brand ambassador programme, and after months of deliberating as all the applications were so fabulous,  we are delighted to announce our #TTClassof2018 here; a brilliant group of six mummy and lifestyle bloggers who will sharing their real-life baby swimming experiences with us over the next couple of months. 


So without further ado, please let us introduce you to our #TTClassof2018 …


Emma Reed

Emma is an author, blogger and freelance writer who lives in Hampshire with her husband Rob, four-year-old son Jake and their latest addition William, who made his dramatic entrance into the world 8 weeks early in November 2017. Emma began her blog in February 2016 after self-publishing a book on teething. After going through a difficult teething journey with Jake, she felt there was little information available to help parents through a tough time and decided to provide a resource for others. Emma says her blog began as a hobby but it is now her job and passion. She loves writing about all things parenting, as well as lifestyle topics such as interiors, travel, gardening, DIY and more. Emma will start her baby swimming experience in June with the gorgeous William at Turtle Tots Surrey & North Hampshire. 


Frivolous Mama

Elena has already experienced the joys of Turtle Tots classes with her beautiful daughter Lilian, and we now have the privilege of making her an official ambassador as we absolutely adore the spine-tickling honestly of her blog.  Frivolous Mama began as an award nominated plus size style blog but took a different turn when she fell pregnant with her first child early 2015. Sadly four weeks before her induction date, their beautiful boy, Aneurin, passed away. Elena openly says she was apprehensive about sharing such an incredibly personal experience and didn’t know if she would continue the blog, but she bravely wanted to share an honest account of her pregnancy and everything it entailed.  


She said: “If by sharing my grief and how I attempt to live with it brings comfort to another bereaved parent or helps a loved one to support them then it's worth it.” 


In 2016, she welcomed little Lilian into the world and continues to shares her life as she finds her feet as a mum to two children, one who lives in her heart and one who lives in her arms. 


Turtle Tots Northampton is really looking forward to welcoming back Elena and Lilian. 


Glasgow With Kids Lynn is an energetic mum who lives in Glasgow with her husband and two riotous children: their spirited, eternally climbing pre-school daughter, and their tireless (and tiring) toddler-aged son, and of course their wonderfully patient labrador. What makes Lynn’s blog different is that it offers parents insightful and honest reviews on new and old child-friendly places to visit; from cafés, activity groups and venues where you can meet other new mums and babies – it’s not just a blog, although Lynn is now dabbling in this too!


It will therefore come as no surprise that Lynn has already embraced baby swimming as one of her go-to activities, but with her son now growing out of the baby stage and at the running-about-mental, never-wants-to-sit-still stage, we thought let’s help extend their swimming journey with toddler classes at Turtle Tots Glasgow – and Lynn kindly accepted!  We can’t wait to see what she says, but we hope it encourages other mums and dads to take up swimming with us.


Not Just Phoebe

Georgina (or George as she is known) is a full time mamma to her gorgeous daughter Phoebe, who came into this world the morning of a beautiful New Moon on April 30th 2014. George says that Phoebe turned their world upside down and inside out on so many amazing levels.  Then in April 2017, they welcomed another gorgeous girl called Frankie and they are all living happily in Cornwall (where daddy is from) as a family of four.  Together they love nothing more than exploring the beauty that Devon & Cornwall has to offer and can often be found at the beach, on a woodland walk or even just at the library. George said she first started her blog to help her realise she was not just Phoebe’s mum, that she is much more than just a mamma. Not Just Phoebe is an open canvas where George shares both hers and the girl’s adventures and all that happens in between. We especially like that George writes about normal parenting issues that aren’t all sugar coated; she says in her bio that “we all have crappy days and I believe by being an honest, open parent you will be a happier one”.


George and Frankie will start their own baby swimming adventures at Turtle Tots North and South Devon and we look forward to hearing all about it – the good and the sometimes grumpy times! 




Lucinda is a primary school teacher and mum to 4-year old Eliot and baby Nola Belle. Her blog is a way to keep memories, as well as sharing her experiences of pregnancy parenting and beyond.


Nola has had a bit of a rough ride, being in and out of hospital since before turning 3 months and has a ‘probable’ diagnosis of a rare genetic condition which affects individuals differently.


Lucinda is really looking forward to starting lessons with Turtle Tots, she said:“Nola adores bath time so I’m sure she’ll love it! I swam from a young age myself and always knew I wanted my own children to learn this life skill.”


We are so pleased Lucinda and little Nola are joining us at Turtle Tots East & South Berkshire; swimming can help babies and children in so many ways, physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially, while equipping them with key safety and safe holds skills in the water.  Let’s hope through this programme, we can help Nola and mum have lots of watery fun together.

Unconventional Kira

Kira lives in Staffordshire with her partner Scott and their three beautiful daughters, Kadiann 14, Alessia 8 and baby Nila.  Kira works as a carer in the community, a job she started when she was just 18.  She says she loves having such a rewarding job “knowing you are helping someone maintain enough independence to reside in their own home is amazing” – it is amazing what Kira does and we really look forward to welcoming her and baby Nila at Turtle Tots Mid Cheshire.   


Follow their family journey at Unconventional Kira and over on Kira’s YouTube Channel - you’ll see that as family they really grab life with both hands and enjoy every moment, the ups and downs, the good and the ugly.



All of our lovely new #TTClassof2018 and their gorgeous babies will soon be joining our Turtle Tots baby swimming classes while testing out our baby swimming swimwear, and at the end they will also hopefully (if baby is comfortable) experience one of our amazing underwater photo shoots.  We can’t wait to see how they get on with our specially trained teachers who will be there with them to share this experience every step of the way.  Go follow them and #BringOnTheSmiles. 


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