30 October 2018

This month, we held our annual conference where more than 50 of our licensees from all around the country came together to share stories, advice and hear all about Turtle Tots’ exciting plans for the year ahead. 




This year, we also welcomed a lot of new faces to conference and what really struck me more than anything, is that all our licensees not only share a passion and a joy for teaching baby swimming, but that they are all incredibly motivated, professional business owners – successful entrepreneurs in their own right who enjoy sharing their knowledge and expertise with our new licensees.


Each of our licensees has a different story to tell as to why they joined Turtle Tots, and why they wanted to start their own business and be their own boss.  What unites them is their passion for baby swimming, yes, but listening to their stories about why they invested in Turtle Tots continues to motivate me.  They all serve as an inspiration for people who are maybe looking for a career change, or are already a swimming teacher and want the opportunity to run their own swim school with the security of Turtle Tots supporting them, or are a parent with growing children and want a new and rewarding challenge.  Everyone has a different motivation.


One of our newest licensees’ Kate Hopps, who is set to launch Turtle Tots in West Dorset in the New Year, is a great example.  For the last 22 years, Kate has worked as long haul cabin crew for British Airways – a job she loves, but with two girls she said her motivation for joining Turtle Tots is that she would like to be at home more often, and owning her own business would enable her to fit work around school and her children’s lives.


She told me at the conference how she had explored different business opportunities that would complement her skills (and love of people and babies) and decided to invest in Turtle Tots because of ‘the professionalism of our team, our approach to customer service and the incredible experiences we provide to mums, dads and their precious children’.   


To get ready, like all our licensees, Kate has spent the last few months qualifying to become a specialist baby and pre-school swimming teacher. She has also completed Turtle Tots rigorous world class training programme and spent hours in the pool teaching assessed practice lessons.   We can’t wait for Turtle Tots West Dorset to be our next success story.


In summary, Kate is the perfect example of how you don’t necessarily have to have a background in swimming per se to become a Turtle Tots licensee.  In fact, many of our licensees come from all types of professional business and educational backgrounds – from primary school teachers, paramedics and graduates in sports science to HR and marketing specialists. Many experienced Turtle Tots for the first-time as a customer with their own baby, and decided they loved it so much they gave up their full-time jobs to start their own business with us; a business that they all agree is rewarding and which gives them the flexibility and freedom they desired.


To find out more about our inspirational licensee family and how you too can reap the benefits of owning your own Turtle Tots business, contact us on jointheteam@turtletots.com  or (01275) 462 022.





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