Vicky Muirhead launches baby swimming classes in the Cumbria & Dumfriesshire region

17 November 2015

A local mum from Gretna has just launched baby swimming classes in the Cumbria and Dumfriesshire region.  Having ditched her 16-year logistics career, Vicky Muirhead (age 33) has chosen a new path. Keen to spend more time with her young son and with a passion for the importance of good swimming skills, Vicky is keen to provide sessions in the local area and hopes to boost water confidence in young children with her specially designed classes. 

Vicky fell in love with the idea of baby swimming sessions the moment she immersed her own son in the water at Turtle Tots lessons in Glasgow where her and her partner have just re-located home from.  Having discovered there was little of a similar nature on offer in her local area, Vicky was quick to capitalise on this opportunity with the launch of her new business.

“I’ve always enjoyed swimming and just seeing the look on my own son’s face when he attended these sessions made it all the more motivating.  I want to see that look on other babies and parents’ faces.  The Turtle Tots ethos is so relaxed and friendly, if feels like a personal training session with your little one.  Plus it’s great to be able to give them a little exercise work-out and for them to use their limbs in a way that they would otherwise have been unable to experience from birth”, said Vicky.

Vicky’s classes launched recently and are currently taking place on Mondays and Fridays at DW Sports in Carlisle, Netherhall in Maryport and at Dalston Leisure in Carlisle.  Vicky plans to expand her classes further into the Dumfries area in the near future. Her interactive classes offer more personal, yet affordable, safe, structured swim sessions for babies and toddlers in the region. 

She continued: “The whole Turtle Tots approach really appealed to me, especially the fact that I get to donate a proportion of my revenue to my chosen charities, because that means I really am making a difference to people’s lives, and that is a great feeling.”

Vicky will also be donating a portion of her revenue to two different charities in Scotland and England: JMA Trust and Eden Valley Jigsaw Children’s Hospice in Carlisle.  

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