Award Winning Baby Swimming Company Turtle Tots launches New Classes

01 April 2016

Award winning baby swimming company Turtle Tots today announced they are the first UK Company to launch ground-breaking classes featuring real live turtles.

The turtles, aged between six and eighteen months old, are known to release involuntary and voluntary noises in the water. This communication is proven to be heard by the human babies, and aids their confidence in the water. The turtles are also playful with the babies, and the games they play aid the babies’ learning skills.

Joanna Wood, Head of Aquatics explains “There has been extensive research carried out in South East Asia, which has proven the beneficial effects of babies swimming with turtles.  Each turtle undergoes world-class extensive training before they are able to take part in classes and has to pass an exam at the end, before they are allowed to partake in our classes. We have thoroughly enjoyed introducing them to our classes and it’s been fantastic to see the interaction between the babies and the turtles.”

Caroline Sparks, Commercial Director added; “Throughout Turtle Tots we continually strive to give customers the best possible experience.  Introducing live turtles to our classes is ground-breaking, and the benefits to the babies are immeasurable.”




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