Drown proofing your child - the baby swimming industry speaks out

23 June 2017

All major UK bodies involved in baby swimming have come together to speak out and warn parents about the dangers of ‘survival’ methods being taught to young infants.  Turtle Tots supports this united call to action, which we feel is necessary, after videos, showing distressed young learners being taught these “drown proofing” methods, have been going viral across social media and have been gaining increasing media attention in the UK.

Gabrielle Lixton, Founder of Turtle Tots, states: "At Turtle Tots we fully endorse and promote a gentle, child focussed, child led philosophy. This is the bedrock of our beliefs and all teaching practices, including the teaching of life saving and water safety skills. We believe that teaching our babies and children to swim should be an enjoyable bonding experience. We do not morally agree with the technique of drown proofing and it is the polar opposite of our methodology. Drown proofing is a conditioning technique that is both dramatic and traumatic for a child which is totally unnecessary in teaching water safety skills. We are passionate about teaching babies to swim and water safety skills within a safe, happy and child focussed environment."

To read more about the statement, issued by the Swim Teachers Association on behalf of Turtle Tots as well as other swim schools, click here .

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