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Recruitment begins for our Olympic Baby Swimming Team

01 April 2018

 "Following on from the International Olympic Committee's announcement that baby swimming is to be introduced as a new sport at the next Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020, Turtle Tots has today announced their first future Olympian recruitment and selection campaign.


Baby swimming joins five other new sports that were approved by the IOC after the 2016 Olympic Games, following a two year-process. The sports chosen are intended to put more focus on youth in the Olympic programme. Baby swimming athletes will compete in backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle, with judging based on both speed and style. 


As the UK specialists in teaching baby swimming, Turtle Tots is delighted to be recruiting babies between the age of two and four months old, who already show particular expertise at Turtle Tots lessons, or at home at bath time. Selection camps are being held later this month to select the most promising babies. The babies chosen will then follow a rigorous two year training, fitness, mentoring and diet programme, under the instruction of Turtle Tots Head of Aquatics Joanna Wood. Parents should be prepared that the programme will involve long days and some overseas travel.


Jo commented "We are delighted that baby swimming is finally being recognised by the IOC as a serious and popular sport. Having attended baby swimming conferences across the globe, I'm confident that the UK is at the forefront of baby swimming science and the programme that we have developed will use the latest research and techniques to ensure we will be bringing home a gold medal!"


Selection camps are being held in four locations on April 14th and 15th. To find out more and register your baby to attend the selection process, please click here.”

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