Turtle Tots Ready to Make a Splash - Without the Splash!

31 March 2019

Today we’ve announced an ambitious new project which will see us expand our baby and infant swimming company internationally, into the comfort of peoples’ homes across the world.


Award-winning Turtle Tots Ltd, currently has over 50 licensees and two hundred teachers in the UK, Ireland and Australia; teaching over 13,000 babies and toddlers every week. 


In just seven years, Turtle Tots has grown to become a major name in the swimming industry and in 2018 embarked on a significant project to research how to take swimming classes to more babies, toddlers and parents across the globe, using the latest virtual reality (VR) technology.




Working with some of the world's leading VR software houses and the most advanced hardware designers in Silicon Valley, Turtle Tots has created the worlds first completely dry swim programme and will launch it this summer.  Utilising advanced VR headsets that link together and are sized individually for parent and baby, these dry swim lessons will enable them to learn the techniques and enjoy the songs and Turtle Tots magic from the comfort of their own home. 


The new classes have already made a virtual splash during the pilot project, with both parents and children enjoying the lessons, and the VR experience. One of the testers, Flora Loip, a mum of four, ironically from Poole commented: “Being able to take my daughter to Turtle Tots classes without the hassle of having to get her changed, us both getting wet and washing my hair afterwards, has revolutionised my life. My daughter absolutely loves the lessons, and I don’t have to make the effort to drive to a class! They’ve even added a coffee shop to the experience so I can have a virtual cuppa after each lesson.”  


Dan Allen, Managing Director at Turtle Tots Ltd, commented “This is a game changer for Turtle Tots and the baby swimming industry across the world.  We are the first to offer this advanced technology; bringing swimming to everyone, and anywhere. We expect it to be hugely popular and we’re already planning exciting additions to the experience such as VIP swimming lessons with virtual celebrities and lessons at special locations including Bondi Beach and Niagara Falls.  Just watch this ‘virtual’ space!”


#AprilFool 😉



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