Turtle Tots Announces Aquaphobia Learning Programme Partnership

15 May 2020
Turtle Tots is delighted to have formed a new partnership with ALP – Aquaphobia Learning Programme.

Many of the parents in our lessons tell us that they have some fear of water or are unable to swim. Sometimes they have had difficult or traumatic experiences with the water themselves as children. In fact, that is often what brings them to us, as they want to make sure that their baby is happy and comfortable with the water from the start. 

Millions of adults in the UK have some level of aquaphobia. Many never attend baby swimming lessons with their children as their fear of water is so great that they avoid going swimming at all. This means they miss out on the wonderful family activity of swimming, and the many health and safety benefits it offers.

The Aquaphobia Learning Programme equips teachers with the empathy, skills and knowledge to teach adults with aquaphobia how to overcome their fears. All Turtle Tots teachers will be completing the ALP programme over the coming months.

Emotional wellbeing and an individualised approach are at the heart of our approach to teaching at Turtle Tots. This is mirrored in the Aquaphobia Learning Programme, but with the focus on adults.

Anyone with any level of aquaphobia can rest assured that by choosing Turtle Tots for their swimming lessons they will be in the safe hands of a professional teacher who understands the enormous impact that aquaphobia can have on a person’s life. For further information visit www.waterphobia.com

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