Turtle Tots Relaunch Plans

29 June 2020

We hope you are all well and have been staying safe while enjoying some of the lovely weather we’ve had recently.

We know that you are all looking forward to getting back in the pool with your little Turtle Tots as soon as possible and have waited patiently alongside us for the news of when this can happen.  Your support during the last few months and the hundreds of wonderful messages we’ve received has been amazing.  We cannot thank you enough for this – it’s what has kept us going during the uncertainty and challenge the pandemic has created for us.

The time has come though to draw a line in the sand and set our sights on reopening our business.  We were frustrated last week by the UK government not including swimming pools in the next round of lockdown relaxation measures due to commence on 4th July. However we are encouraged by the consensus of opinion that pools will be allowed reopen perhaps later in July and definitely by the end of August.  Communications from UK Active, our awarding bodies and from the Culture Secretary in the last couple of days have pointed to this, and the groundswell of support for reopening by the public cannot be ignored by government.  Alongside this, with the news that schools in England will be fully reopened in September and, in Scotland, they are aiming to reopen schools in August, we are comfortable that come September the vast majority of pools will be open for business.

So, rather than continuing to wait for an announcement, we’ve taken the decision to plan for our relaunch in September. 

By communicating this with you now, we can start planning with a firm date in mind which helps to remove us from the position of limbo we are currently in.  It also gives all of our wonderful customers a clearer picture of when you can come back to lessons, so you can plan too.  

We have worked incredibly hard behind the scenes already to prepare for getting back in the pool.  New safety processes, pool procedures, some slight programme changes and other measures to support our venues and public health guidance have been put together.  These guidelines and the support of all our customers following them gives us the confidence we can create the safest possible return to the pool whilst retaining all of the fun and enjoyment of the Turtle Tots experience.

Of course, in the current situation, things can change and most likely there’ll be a few bumps in the road between now and September.  However, if we just keep waiting and waiting for things to be perfect, we’ll likely miss the opportunity to get back as quickly as we can.

With that said though there are a couple of caveats to the September relaunch plans as follows:

1.     Regional variations across the 4 home nations and Ireland may enforce a slightly different approach in different areas.  Hopefully things will be much more aligned by the time we open but where there are differences, these will be communicated with you by your Turtle Tots swim school.

2.     There will be some pools that cannot reopen immediately for one reason or another.  In those cases, you will be informed by your local Turtle Tots swim school of any changes to your programme.

3.     There may be opportunities for some pools to open a little earlier than September so some customers may be invited back a little earlier.  Again, your local Turtle Tots swim school will contact you if this is the case.

The fact is that we are incredibly excited about getting back in the pool and seeing you all again.  The last few months have been difficult but as we said above, we couldn’t have got through it without the brilliant support from all our customers.  We hope that this news makes you as happy as we are and that you’re just as excited as us to get back swimming with your little ones.

All the finer details about your return to the pool are being worked on now and you’ll receive further communications on this over the coming days and weeks so you have all the information you need about coming back.

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