Aqua Natal Yoga

Turtle Tums is the name of our specialist aqua-natal yoga course developed in association with Birthlight Aqua-Natal Yoga.

An ideal way to prepare your body and mind for the arrival of your new baby.

Taking time each week to focus on you and your journey is something every mother deserves.

Pioneered by Birthlight, Turtle Tums aqua-natal yoga is the most comprehensive set of adaptations of classic yoga practices in water.  Aqua-natal yoga offers the benefits of stretching, relaxation and deep breathing with buoyancy and water resistance.  It is accessible to all, irrespective of age, fitness, yoga experience and swimming competency.  Turtle Tums makes full use of the properties of water for fitness, wellbeing and therapeutic applications.

Benefits for you and your baby


o   promotes an intimate bond with one’s growing baby

o   nurtures calm and self-confidence through the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy.


o   a safe, gentle and effective way to tone abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

o   allows access to better and deeper sleep during pregnancy, which contributes to reduce anxiety and fatigue

o   increase the efficiency of the nervous system

o   improves the blood flow to the pelvic area

o   detoxifies and moves fluids

o   promotes hormonal balance

o   increases oxygen supply to match increase in blood volume and cardiac output

o   strengthens the muscles and keeps the spine straight and supple

o   maintains flexibility of the spine and joints.


o   meet like-minded mums in a supportive and intimate environment

o   take time to slow down the fast-pace world around you and bond with your baby.


"I attended Turtle Tums when I was pregnant with my third baby Henry and just wished there had been classes like this around when I was pregnant with my older two! I started lessons when I was 33 weeks pregnant and after just one class, I felt the best I had felt in my whole pregnancy."

"The exercises we do in the lessons ensure that every muscle groups in your body has been used and the dynamic poses ensure fantastic but safe stretching…you feel like you are floating afterwards, and all your aches and pains have disappeared …as the week went on I couldn't wait for my next class!"

"The lessons are relaxing but also high energy at times and I particularly loved the way the swims were all adapted for pregnancy, ensuring a good level of cardiovascular exercise too. You don’t have to be a strong swimmer and actually during pregnancy you are so buoyant (with all the amniotic fluid) that swimming is effortless within the supportive environment of water."

"We also did lots of posture work with spinal alignment at the wall…this really helped me maintain good posture during and after birth. However the best thing about Turtle Tums classes is that they help get your unborn baby into the correct position for birth! Wonderful - particularly as my first baby was back to back. As a result of the Turtle Tums classes, Henry was in a great position and therefore the birth was a lot easier!"

"At the classes I also met a great bunch of mums-to-be and when our babies were all born we joined the Turtle Tots baby lessons together in Bristol. It’s great to catch up over coffee and cake - which we’ve really deserved after burning 250 calories in each class!"

Please contact your local office to join Turtle Tums and book onto a course!