Baby Programme

Baby Programme

You are welcome to join a Turtle Tots baby swimming class at any time from when your baby is newborn, until they are 14 months old. At our classes you will learn how to swim with your baby above and below the water and how to teach your baby water confidence and key lifesaving skills. Equally importantly, our baby swimming classes provide the most overwhelming bonding experience! Below are just some of the benefits of taking your baby to Turtle Tots classes.


Physical Benefits

Benefits for You: Swimming during and after pregnancy benefits you in many ways. Our classes are great for strengthening your core stability, improving your posture and for pelvic floor exercise. They aid the increase in muscle tone and the loss of calories and body fat, and one 30-minute class can burn 250 calories! Alongside teaching your baby to swim our programme is developed to help you move forward with your health and fitness steadily in a safe and comfortable environment.

Benefits for Your Baby: The benefits of baby swimming classes are numerous. A weekly swim improves your baby’s cardio-vascular system and builds strength. Swimming can aid early walking; co-ordination and associated motor skills are also improved through regular exercise.

Social Benefits

Benefits for You: You’ll meet other like-minded mums and dads with babies to have a latte and a well-earned slice of cake after the swimming class!

Benefits for Your Baby: During our swim classes, babies interact with others in a fun and happy social environment.

Emotional Benefits

Benefits for You: The exercise releases endorphins, which leads to better moods and increased self-esteem. And most importantly the post-natal classes give you precious bonding time with your baby. Our swimming classes can also relieve stress through developing your heartbeat and fitness levels.

Benefits for Your Baby: Water is a natural environment for babies, in which they feel safe and secure. Weekly baby swim classes further develops the bond with your baby and many mums tell us that that their baby’s sleeping and feeding improves. Starting to swim at an early age familiarises children with water and gives them the confidence to swim below the water level.

Intelligence Benefits

Weekly classes maintain your baby’s development – using building blocks of development and progressive practices. Our swimming classes are structured to ensure babies are constantly and continuously stimulated.

Language Benefits

Language development can be improved through swimming. Babies are constantly interacting with you and other babies and children throughout the classes. The teacher also provides a verbal stimulus.

Contact your nearest Turtle Tots office to find out which swimming class is most suitable for your baby.