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Meet the team


Hi, I'm Leanne! My love for swimming started from a young age and I swam competitively at club level as a teenager. I was also a qualified assistant swimming teacher to babies, toddlers, beginners and even nervous adults. I found it so rewarding helping children grasp and excel in such a lifesaving skill. Having grown up in North Devon it resonated with me just how essential from a young age this skill is.

Fast forward 15 years, I rediscovered my love for swimming when I first took my son swimming with Turtle Tots in 2017. It was the highlight of our week, seeing him love the water and the quality bonding time it gave us was so precious. I knew come the end of my maternity leave that going back full time to my career wasn't the right option for me. After my second child I knew my passion was to get back into swimming and help other new parents discover this incredible journey with their little ones.

I really liked Turtle Tots' ethos and baby led approach and couldn't wait to join the amazing team - so I jumped at the chance when one came up in 2019. I'm so excited to get to know your little turtles and watch them grow into little swimmers whilst having fun along the way!


Hi, I'm Aimee. I have always loved swimming for as long as I can remember, be it in the sea as a keen scuba diver or in the pool splashing around. Having lived in London for the past 10 years as a professional singer and maternity nurse, I can now say I've found my dream job. Getting involved in Turtle Tots is amazing and I'm over the moon to start this exciting journey as the Client Service Administrator. Who knows you might even see me in the pool teaching at some point too!


Hi, I'm Karen! I grew up by the sea in Devon and being in the water has been a massive part of some of my most cherished memories. As an adult, I let that passion slip - that is until I had children of my own! I couldn't wait to introduce my 2 girls to the water right from the start and swimming with Turtle Tots gave me the confidence to do that. Being able to instil that confidence and sense of fun in the water into other parents and their babies is an absolute joy - one I think will never get old!


Hi I’m Sophie! I have worked with children for over 12 years and have loved swimming from a very young age. On family holidays I was always the first in the pool! I’ve always felt it was a life skill that all children should learn. Both my children go to Turtle Tots and they love their lessons. When watching one of my daughter's lessons it just clicked this is something I would love to do and so whilst on maternity leave with my second I jumped at the chance to become a teacher. It works really well alongside my nursery job – I find it so rewarding and love being a part of the team!


Hi I'm Nic! I've always enjoyed swimming and being around water and feel my happiest near the sea. From the moment I took my daughter at 8 weeks old I fell in love with the world of baby swimming. I was, and still am, constantly amazed at what even tiny babies can do, so much so that I spent my maternity leave re-training and have now been teaching babies and toddlers for 7 years. I feel really lucky to be a part of all my little turtles swimming journeys, watching their confidence grow, giving them a love of water and teaching them skills which will stay with them for life. I never thought it was possible to have such a fun rewarding job, it really is the best job in the world!


Hi, I'm Joy. My first memory of swimming is sitting at the bottom of the pool having make-believe tea parties with my mum. I've been teaching swimming since my children were small, ten years now and still love every minute. I've taught adults, pre-school age, school children & special needs one-to-ones. But of all these, what I love most is teaching babies and toddlers.
All the parents and carers who come along to Turtle Tots are all so passionate and committed to teaching their children to swim, and I love to think that in years to come there will be lots of people out there whose first memory of swimming will be as happy as mine, and that I was behind the scenes helping to make those memories happen.
Out of the pool you'll find me out walking with my dog, playing with my children or in the kitchen doing a spot of baking.


Hi, I'm Louisa. I became a Turtle Tots teacher in 2015 after watching my daughter love coming to lessons for the previous 18 months. I really enjoy watching the adorable babies turn into crazy toddlers then into confident big swimmers and seeing all their unique and wonderful journeys in the water.
I've always loved the water and even now no good holiday is complete without a decent pool. As a student, my friends and I spent a whole week on holiday creating a synchronised swimming routine to "The Blue Danube" with deadly seriousness that we then filmed. Obviously it was awesome. Who said students are unproductive?!


Hi I'm Menna! I've always loved being in the water and one of my earliest memories is going swimming with my dad on a Sunday morning. I didn't really know how to transfer this into a career so I ended up becoming a florist ( apart from a brief spell of wanting to become a dolphin trainer when I was about 10 years old!)
Then I discovered the beautiful world of baby swimming and totally fell in love, so here I am!
My other great loves are my two daughters (21 and 14), reading a good book, oh and cupcakes!
I can't think of a more rewarding, satisfying and fun job than teaching a vital life skill.