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Case Studies

The Graduate - Rhiannon Carpenter


Having graduated with a PHD and a degree in sports science from Swansea University, I was looking for a career that would make full use of everything I’ve learnt, whilst giving something back to the local community that will make a difference to people’s lives.

Turtle Tots is a perfect match for my studies and interests and their business support is second to none. 

I live in a region surrounded by water, beaches and rivers so from a safety perspective it is important that young children in this area build water confidence at an early age.  I was very inspired by Turtle Tots, fitness is a big passion of mine so the fact that Professor Greg Whyte also endorses the programme is good enough for me!

The Ex-Paramedic and Mum – Sally Barnes


Being a new mum to a 17 month-old little boy, I found that the long hours and pressure of my career as a paramedic was no longer the right lifestyle choice for me and my family.  I was keen to spend more time with my son but also to work in a field I am passionate about and a Turtle Tots license seemed like the perfect choice.

I loved swimming as a child and having taken my own baby to Turtle Tots structured swim classes at another location from eight weeks old, I was amazed at how quickly he responded and how confident he has become in the water so early on in his life, that when the opportunity arose for me to launch my own baby swim business, it was a no-brainer!

It made sense to switch my life-saving skills gained as a paramedic to teaching life-saving water skills for babies and toddlers, and it means I can continue to work in an industry where I am doing something worthwhile that will make a difference to the lives of others.



The Ex Teacher – Vicky Hampshire 

Having taught for the past six years at a primary school, I decided it was time for a new career challenge and purchased a Turtle Tots license.

I was keen to have greater work life flexibility but in a profession that still involved helping children to learn and develop.  

I love teaching, plain and simple.  But the demands of a traditional teaching role were taking their toll on me, I wanted to spend more time with my little boy but I still wanted to make use of my teaching skills. When the opportunity to run my own Turtle Tots business came up, it seemed like a perfect transition.

I love the whole ethos of the Turtle Tots brand, from its charitable giving focus (each licensee chooses a local charity to donate a percentage of their takings) to the feeling of belonging to a big team all working towards the same goals!


Contact us now on business@turtletots.com or (01275) 462 022 to take the first steps to running your own Turtle Tots business.  

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