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Welcome to Turtle Tots Central Scotland!

Hello, and welcome to Turtle Tots in Central Scotland.  Let me tell you a little bit about me and why you’ll love my swimming lessons for babies and parents. 

My name is Kirsty McNiece and I live in Fife with my husband and two little girls and have always loved swimming.  Teaching swimming is a complete change from the management career I used to have in the visitor attraction industry, but with a demanding young family and a busy life I wanted something more flexible, and decided to retrain as a swimming teacher and use my management experience to run my own business.

I’ve learned through experience how beneficial baby swimming is with my own children.  I regretted not swimming with my first daughter, Ciara, when she was little, especially when I took Eilidh, my second daughter, to baby swimming classes when she was tiny and saw the difference it could make.  Eilidh’s such a happy, confident and fearless child in the water now.  I’ve had to work extremely hard with Turtle Tots to build Ciara’s water confidence, but it’s worth it!  These days she can’t wait to get in the water on a Sunday morning.  The whole family looks forward to our swimming lessons each week.  It’s great fun, brilliant exercise, teaches vital safety skills and awareness, and both my girls really appreciate the focussed time that we spend with them.  It’s great bonding time for them with Mum and Dad!

Sands is the stillbirth and neonatal death charity and they are our nominated charity at Turtle Tots Central Scotland.  A portion of every class fee will go to Sands, who support anyone affected by the death of a baby across the UK. They have about 100 local support groups for bereaved parents nationwide, including 12 in Scotland. Alongside their bereavement support services, they work closely with health professionals to improve the quality of care offered to bereaved families. They also fund research and campaign for changes in clinical practice that could help save babies’ lives.  I'm delighted to support their vital work through Turtle Tots.

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