Turtle Tots Coventry, Warwickshire & Worcestershire

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Welcome to Turtle Tots Coventry, Warwickshire & Worcestershire

Hello! I’m Geni and I am incredibly excited to welcome you to Turtle Tots Coventry, Warwickshire & Worcestershire.

My Turtle Tots journey started over 5 years ago when I began taking my then 12 week old son swimming, watching him kick & splash & play in the pool bought me just as much enjoyment as it did him. He very soon became relaxed and confident in the water, he was learning valuable & life saving skills at such a young age, I was so proud of him. When my daughter arrived not long after it was an absolute given that she was to start her Turtle Tots lessons as soon as possible. My son has completed all of Baby, Toddler & Big Swimmer levels & my daughter is not far behind him, they just love spending time in the pool!

My love of water and swimming started at a young age, we were lucky enough to have a swimming pool by our school so as well as having lessons I'd spend endless hours jumping in, diving under, retrieving bricks from as deep as possible and leaping from mats & inflatables. Summer holidays abroad were spent in the sea snorkelling with my sister, we'd head out and see what treasures we could find, special shells, brightly coloured fish, the occasional octopus and tons of sea urchins. We loved it! When I had children of my own it became important to me that they too could enjoy the water confidently but also safely.

I found myself really enjoying my time in the pool with my children so when a teaching position became available I jumped at the chance to dive right in! (Pun intended!) Having spent almost 20 years building my career in the Hospitality & Catering industry this was quite a huge step for me but I never looked back. It really is an absolute pleasure for me to watch all our lovely little turtle tots here (and mummies & daddies!) grow and gain confidence in the water, I feel immensely proud whenever little ones achieve milestones, no matter how large or small those achievements are. I also feel incredibly lucky & privileged that I can be a part of their journey to learning to swim.

If you have any questions or for more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and I look forward to meeting your Turtle Tot soon!


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