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Welcome to Turtle Tots East Yorkshire

HI everyone! I'm Jennie Brant, mum of 2 lovely little girls and owner of Turtle Tots East Yorkshire.

 I have always enjoyed swimming, it’s a great way to exercise and is always good fun with the family. I wanted my children to be great swimmers and started them both at a young age, my eldest is 6 and loves being under the water!

I started my Turtle Tots journey as a customer with my youngest. She was 10 weeks old when she came to her first lesson and I fell in love with it all straight away. It's an amazing experience
to share with your baby. A year down the line she is a fantastically confident little swimmer and has learnt a variety of important safety skills as well as having a lot of fun along the way!

When a teaching job became available I had to go for it and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. From there I got the opportunity to take on the business and again, how could I say no? but I still love being in the pool, teaching lessons and meeting everyone!

Turtle Tots is a lovely, friendly, gentle swimming experience. We listen to your baby's cues and make sure you're both comfortable in the water.


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