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Welcome to Turtle Tots West Glasgow & Renfrewshire

Hi, my name is Julie and I’m delighted to welcome you to Turtle Tots West Glasgow and Renfrewshire.

From a young age I loved being in the water and swimming was such an important part of growing up whether it was at school, swimming club or just having fun with family and friends.  In fact, I think it was the one sporting activity that all my family could enjoy together.  I wanted to ensure my own children developed the same love and respect for the water so I took them to baby swimming classes as soon as I could and they all loved it.  I was amazed at the benefits to baby and me, not least the life saving skills involved, and it was a wonderful time to spend each week with my little ones.  After my third child was born I was keen to move away from the corporate world I’d worked in for several years so took the opportunity to retrain as a Turtle Tots teacher and start my own business.  It has allowed me to do something enjoyable and fulfilling as well as apply some of the business skills I have developed over the years.

At our classes you will not only enjoy a special bonding time with your little one but your baby will develop key safety skills that will stay with them for life, they will enjoy swimming on and below the water, and both you and baby will benefit from a gentle workout without even realising it.  So, come along to one of our classes and find out what it’s all about, you won’t regret it!

What's more, a percentage of every class will be donated to our chosen charity, Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity (Scottish Charity Number SC007856), so you will also be helping us to help those who need it most.

A term with us usually consists of 10 classes costing between £120 and £125 depending on venue. 

Please click on "Our Pools" to find details of our Autumn 2018 term at each venue or check classes and availability using our search facility at the top of this page.