I Retrained as a Turtle Tots Teacher!

22 May 2015

This blog was written by Zoe Saccoccio who launched Turtle Tots West Yorkshire in 2014.

So there I was stuck in the familiar mummy rut - part time job, under-stimulated, underpaid and overworked trying to fit a 5 day week into 2.5!

I searched job websites endlessly looking for interesting part time work that would fit around my family without success.

It wasn't until I started thinking 'outside the box' and listing what my hobbies and likes are that inspiration (plus a Turtle Tots ad on workingmums.com) struck and the great idea of doing something I love doing in my leisure time for a living. I would retrain as a swimming teacher and start my own baby preschool swimming school.

The training is quite hard and intensive. There's a lot more to it than I'd first realised too. I virtually spent almost a full year researching and undertaking the relevant training courses and assessed lessons, but obviously you need to be trained to the best possible level in order to deliver the Turtle Tots programme.

There are challenges to overcome when you are new to something and there were a few moments where I wanted to run back to the safety and familiarity of my old job.

But anything that requires specialist training wasn't going to be easy! Plus I am not a quitter and have found that overcoming the obstacles has made me a more confident teacher.

All the hard work was definitely worth it. I love going to work each and every day. The sense of achievement you feel when your children start to develop as they learn is immense.

There's no clock watching at work anymore, wishing the time away. Now my time flies by so quickly as I am having so much fun with my little ones teaching them new skills every lesson.

I also feel really privileged to see my babies and toddlers change and grow each week and to be a part of this very important stage in their new lives. I love the strong bonds I have with each and every one of my Turtle Tots 'family' and I am so happy that I took the plunge and became a Turtle Tots licensee and teacher. There isn't a better job in the world!

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