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Welcome to Turtle Tots Inverness

Hello, I’m Laura Eaglesham, nice of you to drop by and look at our swimming programme.  I have lived in Inverness sice 2010 and I love being in the city, I am a busy mum with 4 boys.  

I previously worked as a childminder but have since trained and qualified as an STA Swimming Teacher. I’ve always had a keen interest in teaching sports and I also coach and run a school football club and the local association.  I am passionate about encouraging children to lead an active lifestyle.

Water confidence is such an important life skill and after many years of searching for appropriate classes for my own children I was delighted to discover Turtle Tots.  We enjoyed it so much that I subsequently decided to launch my own Turtle Tots business in Inverness!  My classes are held in warm water pools to ensure you and your little one’s warmth and comfort.  Classes are fun, sociable and also provide a really special bonding experience that is hugely rewarding.

Turtle Tots Inverness also supports the local MFR Cash for Kids charity where a percentage of fees is donated to this amazing organisation, helping children across the north of Scotland.

I look forward to welcoming you and your wee tots to one of my Turtle Tots Inverness classes very soon, where we can explore how much fun swimming can be.