Turtle Tots East Dorset

WELCOME TO Turtle Tots East Dorset

I am Caroline and have been running Turtle Tots Dorset since 2012.
Having been a swimmer myself it was always a skill which was non negotiable for me and that I had a passion for. I had attended baby swimming classes with both my children from a few weeks old and when we moved to Dorset from London in 2011 I knew that living by the sea it was even more important for my children to be happy and confident around water. That is when I came across Turtle Tots which at that time was in its infancy. I had been teaching swimming in London for a couple of years already and being given the opportunity to start something new was exciting.
I absolutely love what I do. Teaching, getting to know the families and children, seeing them grow in confidence and ability is so rewarding and I know I have memories that will live with me forever of the achievements that the children make.





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