Turtle Tots Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

WELCOME TO Turtle Tots Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Turtle Tots Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire is a local family run business. Our team is made up of the most wonderful and dedicated teachers, customer support and our amazing swimming families.
Over the years we have welcomed 100s of wonderful parents and carers into our swimming school and watched them reach milestones they didn't think possible and build life long relationships in the water based on trust and lots of fun!
We pride ourselves in our baby-led swimming experience and constantly strive to implement the most up to date research in baby and pre-school swimming and child development.

We have classes from birth to pre-school age 7 days a week, morning and afternoon. Whether you have a new teeny turtle or an older baby or toddler, we will find a class that works for you.

If you are thinking about getting in the pool with your baby or toddler and would like to have a chat or ask any questions. Please do get in touch, we are always more than happy to share our experience with you.

Sue Ryder

Deeview court Caiesdykes Road AB12 5JY

Warehouse Gym

20 Mearns Street AB11 5AT

Waterside Inn

Fraserburgh Road AB42 3BN

Altens Hotel

Souterhead Road AB12 3LF

International School

North Deeside Road AB15 9PN


"I love to see the proud faces when parents see their little one meet a milestone or swim their first few metres!" I swim at the Altens Hotel and Warehouse Health Club.


"My Turtle Tots favourite moment is watching baby's make their first wee dip under the water" I swim at Altens Hotel and Warehouse Health Club.


"I love everything about this wonderful family run business. From the wonderful team to meeting our amazing families and seeing them grow year by year. Seeing moments captured at the photoshoots is just fab!"



"it always makes me smile when I see babies splash their hands in the pool & to watch their reaction for the very first time" ? I swim at Altens Hotel and Warehouse Health Club.


"I have loved Turtle Tots ever since taking Isla to Jakki's classes. I have been on the Turtle journey myself and it is our favourite activity every week!" I swim at Altens Hotel and The Warehouse.


"The best part of being a Turtle Tots teacher is getting to know all the little ones and their families. I love seeing how they progress together." Swims at Douneside and Craigendarroch.


I’m lucky I get to experience the Turtle Tots magic with both my boys, it’s our favourite activity to do together. we love getting that one on one time together to relax in the warm water and have fun while also seeing their confidence grow" I teach at Altens Hotel and Warehouse Health Club.


"I love that I teach weekend classes, it means that Dads get to share in the Turtle Tots experience, and that mums can continue when their maternity leave finishes."


"I have had the pleasure of attending Turtle Tots with both my girls and absolutely love watching the children get more confident in the water. It is so much fun and a special experience to share"

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