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WELCOME TO Turtle Tots Northern Ireland

The ethos of Turtle Tots is still the reason we are so proud to be part of such a leading swim school. Like many new parents we discovered baby swimming when we had our first babies. It’s such a family event! In the early days it feels like such an accomplishment just getting out of the house and we found swimming an uplifting activity. It was nice to be guided by a specialist instructor and we know how important it is for mums and dads to feel at ease and if you want to take it in turns in the water each week that’s ok with us! We take great pride in seeing parents and children enjoy our classes knowing how beneficial they are in the long run! We teach children right up to big swimmer lessons every week and we love to see their confidence grow. For us as parents it has been a wonderful fun bonding activity and we love sharing that with other families. Its so important for little ones to be safe in the water but also to love bath time, even hair washing and holidays are just so much more fun when kids are water confident. All of our teachers have little ones they bring to lessons and started as mums in our classes who subsequently retrained when they discovered how much they loved the classes!

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