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WELCOME TO Turtle Tots Suffolk and North East Essex

Let me tell you a little about myself and why I know you’ll love our swimming lessons held in Suffolk and Essex.
My name is Rachel and before I started my Turtle Tots journey, I was a Chartered Accountant. I’m also a qualified biomedical scientist too! I became a mother when my daughter Evangeline was born in 2019 and again when my son Jude was born in 2020. Having grown up by the sea I felt very strongly about my children learning water safety skills from a young age, so I joined some local baby swimming lessons when my daughter was just 12 weeks old. We both loved the lessons; she was so happy and content in the water and I was amazed at how quickly she progressed. It was also an amazing bonding experience, great exercise for me, plus I made friends with several of the other mums in my lessons.

I soon decided I wanted something more flexible than the accountancy job I had previously been doing, so I re-trained as a swimming teacher and have never looked back! I love teaching babies and toddlers to swim; there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a little one progress in the water and gain confidence week by week.

When the opportunity arose to run my own Turtle Tots business I jumped at the opportunity to combine my passion for baby swimming with my business experience. Our lessons are great fun and fully inclusive and child-centred, so if your child has special needs then just let us know.

For additional information or to sign up for baby or toddler swimming lessons then please call me today on 07872 906808 or email me. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Everlast Gym, Colchester

North Station, Clarendon Way Colchester, Essex CO1 1XF

Rachel Bell

Rachel is the owner of Turtle Tots Suffolk and North East Essex. She can often be found in the pool, alongside running the business. Rachel is passionate about treating each little swimmer as an individual, helping little ones learn water safety skills in a fun and supportive environment.

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