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Welcome to Turtle Tots Northamptonshire!

Hello! I’m Sally and I’m so pleased to welcome you to Turtle Tots Northamptonshire!  You can find me teaching specialist baby and toddler swimming classes in a pool near you :)

After taking my little boy at the age of 8 weeks to our local Turtle Tots class, I became completely hooked.  l loved seeing how much he enjoyed kicking his legs and splashing in the water, gaining in strength and stamina without even knowing it!

I soon realised it wasn't enough for me to just go to one class a week, so I left my previous career in the NHS and retrained as a specialist baby and toddler swimming teacher…and I haven’t looked back! Seeing children at such a young age having fun, progressing in the water and learning such an important life skill is incredibly rewarding.

I have genuinely loved swimming from a young age, so it was important for me that my son became relaxed and confident in the water as early as possible - and your baby can too!

I know that you’ll love the unique bonding experience within our classes, and seeing your baby and toddler learn such an important lifesaving skill, as well as establishing a healthy relationship with exercise, is a great gift to your child.


So don’t hesitate!  If you’re interested in coming to your local Turtle Tots swimming class, browse all our pools and locations here, select your class preferences from the drop-down menus above, and if you have any questions at all - get in touch by e-mail northamptonshire@turtletots.com - contact me today!  Come out of your shell and learn to swim the Turtle Tots way :)


See you in the pool!