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Welcome to Turtle Tots North Kent

Hello! I’m Charlotte, the very proud owner of Turtle Tots North Kent!

I live in Swanley with my husband Stuart and our two gorgeous daughters Amy and Evie.

I have always loved swimming, splashing about in the pool as a kid, untold lengths up and down for fitness, during my pregnancies for relaxation and now back to being a big kid, splashing around with my young energetic family. I’m at my happiest in the water!

I have been working in legal finance for the past 20 years, and even being part time the commute isn’t as much fun as it used to be!  Once I became a mum, my outlook on life changed completely and I have been looking for an escape route from the corporate world ever since.  When I discovered Turtle Tots, I jumped at the opportunity to retrain as a swimming teacher and teach all the wonderful babies and toddlers out there such an invaluable life skill.

I took both my daughters to baby swimming classes from a very early age, and loved watching how they grew in confidence and enjoyed being in the water as much as me.  Also having the time together every week was a great way to bond with cuddles, singing and splashing, it was always my favourite part of the week.   Starting their swimming so young my girls are now content, confident and safe in the water.

I am delighted to offer Turtle Tots classes across North Kent and Medway, and am happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please contact me by phone, email or find us on Facebook to find out more about the classes available. 

I really hope you will join in the fun, so come out of your shell and learn to swim the Turtle Tots way!