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Welcome to Turtle Tots North Yorkshire and South & East Leeds

                     Please email:  northyorkshire@turtletots.com for further information

Hi, I am Paula Stewart, Director of Turtle Tots North Yorkshire and North & East Leeds and I would like to give a big warm welcome to our Swim School.

We launched Turtle Tots in March 2014 to deliver specialist Baby, Toddler and Pre-school classes across the Harrogate, York and North and East Leeds areas and since our launch, we now teach over 320 children across the region.

The team and I love every minute of being in the pool with parents and their little ones and to support and encourage each and every milestone, whether it be the first time a baby goes underwater or their first independent swim across the pool, every moment is so special and is a unique bonding moment with your child.

We don’t stop there, we now also teach little ones up to 8 years old in our Turtle Swim Academy and look forward to seeing our Turtles becoming potential GB team swimmers in the future. 

As an avid windsurfer, swimming played a pivotal role in my hobby - more so on self-rescue, which I had to do many a time out at sea. I even got rescued by a coastguard on a jet-ski once, embarrassing but enjoyed the ride back to shore. So, when our daughter was born, water safety was a big thing for us to instil into our little girl, but 14 years ago baby & pre-school swim schools were not heard of in our area, so she was taught independently by us. It was hard work, but it paid off, so much so that she reached the Regional Squad level with our local swim club and has just completed her second season as a triathlete. Fortunately, when our son was born, baby swimming was far more popular and we ventured to our first class when he was only 7 weeks old, we both loved it and still do!

That’s what encouraged me step away from the corporate world and re-train as a swimming teacher. Until 2013, I was teaching for a national baby & toddler swim school but made the brave step to venture it alone in 2014.

We nurture every baby and child and believe that each and every one learns to swim to their own ability at their own pace and we encourage this in a safe and fun environment through enjoyable play, 

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Paula & The Turtle Tots Team xx

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