Photo Editing

At Turtle Tots we have a specialised editing team who are always ready to work their magic on your images! Within a few days of your photo shoot you’ll receive an email with a link to log in to our website and view your images. Here you’ll be able to crop, lighten, darken and even change your images from colour to black and white before placing your order.


For a small charge we can carry out "cosmetic editing" and  remove scratches, bruises, rashes, stray bogies and even open eyes. Below we've zoomed in on an image to demonstrate how our editing team removed a rash on this gorgeous baby's chin. 



We can also carry out bespoke editing to really make the most of your images. 

Below we've removed the dipper at the edge of the photo and blacked out the image with the exception of the baby's gorgeous yellow suit! We love the stunning result.


And below is another example of our editing magic! The parents of this little fairy wanted her to have a wand in her hand. Our editing team were able to insert the wand and also "rebuild" the foot, which the original image hadn't captured.


We hope you agree that the above results are simply stunning and show what's possible with your images.


If you'd like any editing carried out simply email editing@turtletots.com with the image reference(s) that you’d like edited, together with the photo shoot venue and your Turtle Tots’ name.