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Turtle Tots Photoshoots

From time to time we run professional photography shoots and customers are invited to bring their child along, to obtain some unique images of them enjoying the water.*

Our photoshoots are a lovely experience, capturing those special moments in the water and in some cases, when your baby is ready, under the water too. 

The Turtle Tots programme is about promoting a life-long love of the water, and the shared bonding experiences between parent and child. Our motto, #BringOnTheSmiles, captures what we want to see in the pool from everyone, and what we aim to capture in the images you’ll receive.

We understand that getting an underwater image is important to a lot of parents but we hope you understand that if we feel your baby isn’t ready or isn’t happy on the day, we will not force them to do an underwater swim – its just not who we are.  We will always take the lead from our highly-trained teachers to tell us if your baby is ready and happy to try for an underwater photo.  

For those babies that are ready and willing, we will attempt up to three gentle underwater swims. These will be the type they are familiar with from lessons, so no-one will be doing anything they are unsure of, or haven’t done before. Your baby’s happiness is at the centre of everything we do and this includes our photoshoots.

*Please note that not all our offices run photo shoots so please enquire before you book lessons.