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Underwater Baby Photography

Several times a year we run professional underwater photography shoots, and you will be invited to bring your young child along for their photograph to be taken.

Seeing your baby or toddler swimming underwater is an amazing experience and capturing it in a photograph gives you something to treasure for years to come.

Our underwater photographers are highly skilled and trained, and use state-of-the-art cameras, lighting and techy equipment. On the day they’ll aim to take three incredible underwater images of your Turtle Tot.

We also love involving siblings and parents in our underwater photo shoots so you are welcome to jump in with your Turtle Tot for a family photo.

Within a few days of your photo shoot you’ll receive an email with a link to log in to our website and view your images. Here you’ll be able to crop, lighten, darken and even change your images from colour to black and white before placing your order.

To view the types of editing we do and find out more please click here to view the magic that we can perform!