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We passionately believe that swimming is something all children should be able to do from a young age, as not only is swimming a vital and lifesaving skill it also offers a huge number of benefits to our children. Some of these benefits are both physical and emotional, and we want to be a part of you and and your little one's swimming journey.

Our swim programmes offer a strict child led approach to swimming and have all been developed using the latest research and understanding into children’s development. Learning in a fun filled, supportive and caring environment allows each child to progress at their own pace whilst experiencing special bonding time with their parent. We are passionate about ensuring you and your child have a wonderful learning experience in the pool together.

All of our Turtle Tots teachers are highly trained with STA Award's and STA Diploma's in Baby and Toddler swim lessons. We have gained our STA safety award in swim teaching which allows us to be trained and qualified to keep you and your little ones safe in the pool with us. We also undertake specialised and intense Turtle Tots training before we teach our own classes, so you truly do have the best of baby swim teaching within our ranks.

We are accredited with the STAmark, meaning we are recommended by the Swim Teaching Association (STA) as having the highest standards achievable as a swim school and as such as are also a STA Swim Star Swim School. 

Please do no hesitate to contact me if you need further information southcoast@turtletots.com

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We look forward to meeting you and your little turtle very soon.