Summer Holiday Fun with your Baby!

20 May 2015

This week's blog is about preparing for and enjoying your summer holidays, when you have a little one to entertain and keep safe. It's been written by Laurel Brodie who runs Turtle Tots in Glasgow South, Ayrshire and Inverness.

Whether you prefer the beach or the swimming pool water plays a big part for most of us when we are planning our summer holidays and the great news is that there is no need for this to change once you have a baby or toddler in tow! Your days of lying on a sun lounger with your favourite book sipping a refreshing cocktail may now be a distant memory but I can honestly say that there is just as much fun and relaxation to be had playing with your baby or toddler in the water on holiday.

Clearly this all hangs on how relaxed and confident your little one is around water and that is where the time you invest in starting their swimming journey off at a young age pays dividends. By taking your baby or toddler to a structured, progressive swimming programme you really are giving them the best opportunity to discover the fun and excitement which can be shared by you all on these family holidays as well as introducing key life saving and water safety skills.

Rather than sitting by the edge of the pool worrying whether your little one might get splashed in the face with some water you will probably find them at the centre of the action splashing and kicking in the midst of their squeals of delight. Then comes the opportunity to show off some of the skills they have mastered at their classes by swimming under water, or jumping in then holding on independently to the edge of the will be bursting with pride when you see the amazement on the faces of your fellow holiday makers. The only cries you can expect to hear are those that come when you try to take them out of the pool!

The benefits of having a water confident baby or toddler on holiday are tenfold, from the safety aspects to the flexibility of planning your location, and the enjoyment it brings to you all cooling off from the heat of each day. Your days will no doubt centre around the swimming pool or beach with the great benefit of having an exhausted little one at the end of each day allowing you some quiet time to enjoy a cocktail or two whilst reading that book.

Whether it's a staycation or further afield that you are thinking of holidaying this year here are some of our top tips to make life that little bit easier for you all:

  • Sun Cream/Block: Need we say more! Buy a high factor kid's option which is water proof, but even then remember to reapply after being in the pool.

  • Choose clothes made from natural fibres: Sweat can irritate skin which may cause a grumpy baby! Remember babies clothes dry really quickly in the heat too so don't over pack, just plan in a quick washing or two whilst you're away.

  • Sun Hats are a must: the legionnaire style sun caps are great as they also protect baby's neck from the sun's rays.

  • Swim Nappies: rather than taking packets of disposable swim nappies why not invest in a resuable swim nappy, these last for ages which saves on space, £s and the environment!

  • Towels: hooded poncho style towels are a great cover-up for toddlers making their way back from the pool.

  • Woggles: these can very often be bought at your holiday destination if space isn't an issue when travelling.

  • Shark Fins: ideal for water confident toddlers who are looking for some independence in the pool. Please do remember constant supervision is still required for your little one no matter how confident they are in the water

  • Swim Toys: why not pack a couple of their favourite swim toys to bring some familiarity to their holiday swimming experience.

Have fun!

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