Swim Nappies - The lowdown!

31 July 2015

Little 'accidents' in the nappy department can close pools and cause lessons to be cancelled - hugely inconvenient for everyone concerned.

At Turtle Tots we insist on the double nappy system - an under-nappy (ideally re-usable) covered by a correctly fitting NeoNappy.

However not even the best nappy can replace vigilance on the part of the parent - this is the most crucial thing by far - if you have even the faintest suspicion that your baby or toddler might be filling their nappy then it is important to get out of the water as quickly as possible, check and perform a ‘pit stop’ if necessary before getting back in.

As teachers we are all on the lookout for signs that a baby’s nappy is too small, too big, or starting to show signs of wear and tear and therefore needs replacing. If the NeoNappy doesn't fit correctly or if the Lycra band at the waist has begun to degrade then it will not work effectively.

All our fabulous, colourful Turtle Tots swim nappies are made by Konfidence, the NeoNappy is made from soft and supple neoprene (the same material as wetsuits are made of) and the waist and leg bands made from high quality Lycra.

A correctly fitting NeoNappy may feel like a bit of a struggle to get on the very first time but it is essential that it is a snug fit - the Lycra band must sit tight against the skin on both the legs and the waist, with no gaping. You should be able to fit a finger comfortably against your baby’s thigh in the leg opening, but no more. The NeoNappy should be pulled right up to the top of your baby's legs before you attempt to pull it up over the under-nappy and up to the waist.

The waist band should sit comfortably high (a bit like Simon Cowell’s trousers!) and completely cover the under-nappy. If you find the nappy keeps slipping down then it either doesn't fit correctly (could be too big or too small) or the Lycra fibres in the waistband have degraded. You can test this by gently pulling the waistband and letting go, it should immediately pop back and sit snugly against the skin, if there is any bagginess in the Lycra then it is time to buy a new nappy.

To look after your NeoNappy and ensure the Lycra lasts as long as possible it is important to care for it properly:

  • After use hand rinse in cold water as soon as possible to remove chlorine
  • If you do need to wash the nappy (if it has been soiled) then wash at 30 with a gentle detergent
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Dry away from a heat source and in the shade
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron

If correctly cared for your NeoNappy should last until your little one outgrows it, you will find that the small and medium sizes get outgrown quite quickly but once your baby gets into the large and extra-large sizes they will last a lot longer.

If your little one has just had a growth spurt and needs the next size up then just email your local Turtle Tots office and they will arrange to get one to you for your next class.

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