The Benefits of Baby Swimming

08 April 2015

It’s easy to hear swimming teachers wax lyrical about the many benefits taking your baby swimming will have on their development but it’s always nice to hear these things first hand.

I'm Suzi Trafford and I run Turtle Tots in West Berkshire and Reading, Ruth and her lovely daughter Seraphina are now approaching their third term of swimming and Ruth has noticed a number of less obvious benefits after classes! Please read about it below in Ruth’s own words:

“Swimming was something I knew I wanted to do with Seraphina as soon as I could, so when she was born I started researching which classes were cheapest/on the best days/etc. In the end the comparison got confusing and I choose Turtle Tots because they were the friendliest!

We'd already been sharing bath times so I was fairly confident she'd like the water. I wasn't expecting her to take to lessons quite so quickly though. Activities were explained really clearly so we both felt confident, and the rhymes and games make everything fun.

Perhaps the thing that has surprised me most is the impact that swimming has had on her overall development. At around three months old, Seraphina started trying to roll. Immediately after her second swimming lesson, she mastered it. Coincidence perhaps,… but over Christmas she struggled to crawl and again mastered it after our first lesson back. She now is using her skills at holding on to the pool rail to hold on to her baby walker. I am convinced that moving in the pool increases her general muscle strength.

Each week in the pool she improves at swimming, and has so much fun that she sleeps most of the afternoon! The only difficulty is deciding whether daddy or I go in with her! It really is the high point of our week!“

Studies have shown that early swimmers reach developmental milestones earlier. To read more please click on the following link:

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