Turtle Tots Hydrophobic Hairspray

01 April 2017

We're so excited about our new product! Turtle Tots Hydrophobic Hairspray launches today and we're giving away FREE SAMPLES!

Getting wet hair during Turtle Tots lessons can often leave our Turtle Tots mums feeling cold and disheveled when the class is over so, after two years in development and working closely with the University of Zurich, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Turtle Tots Hydrophobic Hairspray.

The spray contains millions of tiny silicone filaments, the most water-repellent material ever created. Drops of water stay as spherical balls on top of the hair strands and a simple shake of the hair allows them to roll off like marbles. The secret of this incredible water resistance is the layer of silicone nanofilaments, which are highly chemically hydrophobic.

“The combination of the hydrophobic surface chemistry and the nanostructure results in the super-hydrophobic effect,” Doctor Ros Luttett explained to New Scientist. “A similar combination of water-repelling substances and tiny nanostructures is responsible for many natural examples of extreme water resistance, such as the surface of Lotus leaves.”

The silicone nanofilaments trap a layer of air between them, to create a permanent air layer. Similar layers – known as plastrons – are used by some insects and spiders to breathe underwater.
The spray is simply brushed out, with the added benefit of leaving hair smooth and shiny.
We have 1,000 shiny samples to give away – simply click here to request yours.

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