The Turtle Tots story

Where it all began

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Having both had (slightly dull) corporate jobs before they had children, and then launched run and sold successful businesses after they’d had children, the duo came together to launch Turtle Tots as a franchising company in 2011.

Previously Gaby had launched Turtle Tots in two pools in Bristol and quickly realised there was a growing demand for specialist and progressive child-centred swimming lessons, at an affordable price.

Gaby and Caroline chose the franchising model for Turtle Tots to offer ambitious and like-minded people the opportunity to run fulfilling, successful and rewarding baby and toddler swimming businesses, with the support of a distinctive and recognised brand.

Today, Turtle Tots is a network of over 50 family-owned Turtle Tots businesses across the UK and Ireland. Growth has not slowed down though, and there are many opportunities at home and abroad for you to join this growing team of Turtle Tots business owners.


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Baby Swimming – The First Step to Water Safety

Every week thousands and Turtle Tots come to our award-winning baby and pre-school swimming lessons, where they play, have fun...

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Group First For Autism Swimming in Ireland

Turtle Tots Ireland has become the first swim school in Ireland to offer group swimming sessions for children with Autism;...

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Independent business or franchise?

Here at Turtle Tots, we offer you a proven way of setting up your own business through a franchise, whilst...

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