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Welcome to Turtle Tots West London

Hello everyone! My name is Tanya, and I am excited to bring Turtle Tots to West London and the surrounding areas.

Before becoming a Turtle Tots licensee, I have worked with families and children as a midwife and health visitor for 10 years and have had the pleasure of seeing the babies I’ve cared for grow up and develop. I’m also a mummy to two little boys, and I have attended swimming lessons with my children since they were babies and enjoyed being able to experience uninterrupted one on one fun with them during this time. I’ve also enjoyed seeing them become completely confident in the water and with my eldest- grow on to become a strong swimmer- something that has provided me with immense pride watching him. It also means we have a great time splashing and swimming around in the pool and sea on family holidays.

To me, this is a dream job which I am absolutely passionate about. It is truly rewarding to watch the babies and toddlers develop week after week and to view the delight on parents faces when they see what their children have achieved.

At TurtleTots, we are able to provide fun, progressive swimming lessons for babies and toddlers, promoting water confidence above and below the water and lifesaving skills. As well as it being a great form of exercise. All teachers have the highest level of training which is based on the latest research to aid in your child’s development.

Please click on the pools page for further information about location and times. You can also contact me directly. I am happy to answer any additional questions.

We also have a catch-up policy, so if you miss a class, we’ll do our best to offer you an alternative class to attend instead.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all things Turtle Tots!!

I look forward to swimming with you and your little ones,