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Hello and welcome to Turtle Tots East London & Essex

Hi there, I’m Bobbi and am very excited to welcome you to Turtle Tots East London & Essex.

My love of the water developed from a young age, having been taken to swimming lessons by my Mum from just a few months old. I have always felt very comfortable in the water and my childhood holidays abroad were spent in the swimming pool playing games with my brother. I truly believe that swimming is an essential safety skill that all babies, toddlers and young children should learn as early as possible. This was reinforced when I took my daughter to Turtle Tots swimming classes from about 12 weeks old. I loved watching how she grew in confidence and enjoyed being in the water as much as me.  Also having that special time together every week was a great way to bond with cuddles, singing and splashing. 


When the opportunity arose to join the Turtle Tots team I jumped at the chance to retrain and teach all the wonderful babies and toddlers out there such an invaluable life skill.


Here at Turtle Tots our aim is to provide fun and progressive swimming lessons for you and your child to enjoy. Your little turtle will learn essential life-saving skills, develop water confidence and learn to swim both above and below the water, in a fun, sociable and safe environment. All our lessons take place in warm, shallow water pools which ensures a comfortable experience for all to enjoy, even if you’re not a confident swimmer yourself.

If you have any questions or for more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and I look forward to meeting your Turtle Tot soon!