Babies Swimming Tips and FAQs

It’s natural to have lots of questions when you are considering baby swimming lessons and classes. The following are questions we are often asked when taking your baby swimming. Click on the links below for more information. If you have any other questions or comments, however trivial you may think they are, please click here to drop us an email.

Q. Why teach my baby to swim?

Q. Why start baby swimming so young?

Q. Do the classes include submersion?

Q. Does my baby need to be fully immunised?

Q. What should my baby wear for baby swimming?

Q. When should I feed my child before swimming?

Q. What if my child is ill?

Q. Do parents need to be confident swimmers?

Q. When will my baby learn to swim on his/her own?

Q. What are natural baby swim reflexes?

Q. What is the Gag Reflex?