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WELCOME TO Turtle Tots Cardiff

We offer 5 Baby Levels for ages 3 – 24 months & 8 Toddler Levels for up to 5.5 years. You don’t need to begin at the start, based on their age we can slot them in a higher level class if need be & quickly catch you up. So unsure which class to book? Well we try to keep the ages in our classes the same so take a look at the age guides & choose a class where your child falls in the age guide. Or want them to start in an “easier” class, then just select a class with a lower age guide.

Our classes in Cardiff are priced £12.50 – 16 (depending on venue) and our terms are typically 8-10 weeks long.

I’m different from the other swim schools in Cardiff in many ways including teaching method, customer service and quality in our lessons. Having qualifications from 3 swim governing bodies, including a Diploma in Baby Swimming I’m the highest qualified swimming teacher in Cardiff.

Additionally I donate a percentage my profits to a local charity, the Intensive Care NeoNatal Unit in the UHW. Former patients are also entitled to a discount for their first term.

Most swim schools in Cardiff restrict the number of people in the pool, but I say why should mummy/daddy have all the fun? We’re the only Baby swimming school in Cardiff who allow both parents in the water*. So nobody misses out!
(*Currently not allowed at our Everlast Fitness venue – only 1 parent allowed in the pool/on poolside – unless you’re a gym member)

What do our classes look like? Scroll up & check out our Instagram/Facebook page were we post daily content of photos/videos taken from our lessons.

Send me an email and see for yourself! Let’s ‘bring on the smiles’ and start your little one’s swimming journey.



Owner / Teacher

Irish born and proud owner of Turtle Tots Cardiff. With qualifications from 3 different swimming governing bodies (STA, ASA and Swim Ireland) as well as a Baby Swimming Diploma that makes Colum the highest qualified swimming teacher in Cardiff




Before Turtle Tots Becky worked as a primary school teacher for a number of years then went on to working as a class teacher in a special school. Once her little girl came along, she decided that she wanted a career change. "I took Millie to Turtle Tots classes from 11 weeks old and fell in love with the ethos of the lessons. Watching her grow in confidence and having so much fun in the water cemented the idea and I jumped at the opportunity to become a Turtle Tots teacher"

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