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WELCOME TO Turtle Tots Cornwall

Turtle Tots is a unique and innovative swimming programme that begins with aqua-natal yoga for mums-to-be and continues with our specialised and progressive baby and toddler lessons, taught by our team of highly trained teachers, who have completed comprehensive Turtle Tots aquatic training, in addition to training with the Swimming Teachers’ Association.

Our classes have a strong focus on teaching lifesaving skills from a young age, we help babies and toddlers learn the skills they need to help keep them safe in and around water, until they are able to swim independently.

At Turtle Tots Cornwall, we teach you to teach your baby or toddler to swim, at a pace that is right for them, in a gentle progressive way. Our lessons host a non-competitive environment that fosters strong bonding, trust, respect and communication leading to a lifelong love of the water.

We run classes around Cornwall so we will have a lovely pool to suit you. Our baby and toddler classes are £12 a session and terms vary in length from 7 to 10 weeks.

We also run Aqua Natal Yoga sessions in the Newquay and Falmouth. These classes are £10 a session and terms are between 5 and 6 weeks long, however you can join a course at any point. Classes are suitable from 14 weeks right up to your due date.

Rebecca Dunning


Becky is a dedicated and experienced teacher. She teaches babies, toddlers and Aqua Natal yoga. Becky has two children who both learnt to swim with Turtle Tots.

Laura Marsh


Laura is a very experienced teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience. Laura teaches babies, toddlers and Aqua Natal yoga. Laura has two children who both love the water!

Lara-Jane Ginty


Lara is an excellent teacher, teaching in the Penzance area. Lara teaches babies and toddlers. She has a son who is leaning to swim with Turtle Tots!

Charmaine Beal


Charmaine is the newest member of our teaching team. She has experience of teaching adults as well as children. She teaches babies and toddlers. Charmaine has a daughter who attends Turtle Tots classes.

Victoria Hampshire

Victoria Hampshire

Teacher and business owner

Vicky is an experienced swimming teacher. She taught in primary schools for 10 years before training as a swim teacher. Vicky is currently on MAT leave with her second child.

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