Turtle Tots South East Midlands and Rugby

WELCOME TO Turtle Tots South East Midlands and Rugby

As a new mum I took my little one to our local Turtle Tots classes and instantly fell in love. So much so that I decided to retrain as a specialist baby and toddler swimming teacher. I initially started as a teacher for my local Turtle Tots group and in 2019 I launched Turtle Tots South East Midlands and Rugby !!

I absolutely LOVE teaching in the water, seeing children at such a young age having fun, progressing in the water and learning such an important life skill is so incredibly rewarding. Swimming has so many benefits and our lessons give parents the time out of their busy days to truly bond with their babies.

I’m confident that you too will fall in love with the unique bonding experience within our classes, and seeing your baby and toddler learn such an important lifesaving skill, as well as establishing a healthy relationship with exercise, is a great gift to your child.

Laura Twiselton

Laura Twiselton

Licensee and Teacher

Owner and Teacher : Qualifications- STA Level3 Diploma in Aquatic Teaching - Baby&Pre-school, STA Level2 Safety Award, STA Safeguarding Children, Birthlight AquaYoga Level 1

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