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Turtle Tots Southampton has been running for the past four years and was taken over by myself in 2019 after being a Turtle Tots teacher for 2 years. I have always had a passion for teaching swimming and after starting lessons with my then 12 weeks old daughter I knew this was where my post maternity leave career was going to take me.

I love everything that Turtle Tots stands for and am proud to be the face of this small locally run business.

It’s incredibly important to us that our swim school here offers parents and their babies the best swimming experience in and around the area. You should always feel that you and your baby are at the centre of what we do, and that we are passionate about the progress you make together.

We know that the sooner babies and toddlers are confident in water the better. It helps with so many different areas of their development. Our Turtle Tots programme offers you fun filled, rewarding and very special classes to share with your child, whilst teaching them a potentially life-saving skill.

We’re proud to say our dedicated team of teachers are as highly trained as they can possibly be to ensure that all of the skills and techniques we’re using in the pool are based on the latest research to provide your baby with the best start in the water. They are tuned into the way your baby communicates at these early stages of their life to make sure we work at their pace and do the things they are happy to do. This is hugely important to us and will help to develop your baby’s life long love of the water.

Beka, Hannah, Rice, Carley, Rianne, Leanna, Sam and myself look forward to welcoming you and your young little turtles to one of our splashtastic Turtle Tots swimming lessons in and around Southampton very soon...Or maybe your little one has not yet arrived and we will have the pleasure of meeting you at one of our Aqua-Natal Yoga classes- Turtle Tums :-)

For more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes

Sian and the team :-)

Oaklands Community Pool

Oaklands Community Pool Cromarty Road SO16 8LX

Tree Tops – Bitterne

9 Chine Avenue Bitterne SO19 7JF

Red Lodge Pool – Bassett

Vermont Close Winchester Road SO16 7LT

Cedar School – Nursling

Redbridge Lane Nursling SO16 0XN


Hi, I'm Sian! I have been teaching swimming for almost 15 years and I am so happy to say I still love getting in the pool every time and seeing the joy on everyone's face! I especially love that this is an activity that Dads/ Grandads are able to join in and build on that special bond within the water! I also love seeing the caregivers confidence grow. I have seen complete non swimmers bring their children and leave with so much confidence in being able to take their child swimming! :)


Hi everyone, I’m Beka! I’ve been teaching your little turtles for 4 years now, and it’s just flown by! I love every single aspect of my job, from getting to know all you lovely parents to making an incredible bond with your babies. The turtle tots ethos is something I fully believe in, and seeing it put into practise whilst teaching really makes my day! :)


Hi, I'm Hannah & I have the best job in the world - teaching your little ones baby-led swimming! I've been teaching for years now but am still full of amazement at how important water is to babies and watching them thrive and develop in it. I also teach aqua natal yoga so love seeing mums bond with their babies even before they are born! I look forward to seeing you in the pool soon!


Hi, I’m Carley. I am an extremely proud Turtle Tots teacher! From 4 weeks old I started taking my daughter to swimming lessons with Turtle Tots and absolutely fell in love with everything about it. From the fun factor to teaching life savings skills so early on in a child’s life. From then I knew I wanted to teach swimming especially with turtle tots. I love my job so much, especially seeing children thrive at something so important at such an early age!


Hello, I’m Rice. I started taking my daughter to Turtle Tots lessons when she was 6 weeks old, she’s now 3 and it’s still our favourite time of the week together. When I saw Turtle Tots where looking for new teachers I jumped at the chance. I love going to work, watching parents and carers bond with their babies in the pool, and seeing all your little ones learn such amazing skills!


Hi, I’m Rianne! Swimming has always been a big part of my life and believe it is such an important skill to learn. My nieces started at turtle tots from 4 months old and seeing how much enjoyment they got out of the class whilst learning made me think how much I would enjoy being that teacher doing it with them. The best bit about turtle tots is that it is completely baby focused and you really feel a sense of achievement when the babies and parents love it just as much as you!


Hi, I’m Leanna. I have had a passion for swimming ever since I can remember I have two children who also love the the water thanks to taking them to turtle tots lessons. I knew then this was the career dreams are made of! the reason I choose to work with turtle tots is simple I love the their baby led approach taking each step at yours and your little ones pace and seeing the fun, confidence and life saving skills grow is simply amazing!


Hey I’m Sam.I started taking my son to TT at 9 months. The classes consisted of repetition, interactive songs, lots of fun and to top it off it was a completely baby centred approach. On our first holiday I saw my son swim from his dad to me and couldn’t believe he learnt to do that from having ‘FUN’ in the pool. That’s when I realised how much I would love to retrain as a TT teacher. I feel so lucky to say I love my job and love seeing babies develop their skills and confidence in the water!

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