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WELCOME TO Turtle Tots Bristol

It’s incredibly important to us that our swim school here offers parents and their babies the best swimming experience in and around Bristol. You should always feel that you and your baby are at the centre of what we do, and that we are passionate about the progress you make together.

We know that the sooner babies and toddlers are confident in water the better. It helps with so many different areas of their development. Our Turtle Tots programme offers you fun filled, rewarding and very special classes to share with your child, whilst teaching them a potentially life-saving skill.

We’re proud to say our dedicated team of teachers - Menna, Joy, Sophie, Nic, Karen, Aimee and Louisa - are as highly trained as they can possibly be to ensure that all of the skills and techniques we’re using in the pool are based on the latest research to provide your baby with the best start in the water. They are tuned into the way your baby communicates at these early stages of their life to make sure we work at their pace and do the things they are happy to do. This is hugely important to us and will help to develop your baby’s life long love of the water.

Lessons run across Bristol and North Somerset at many great venues. No doubt there will be one close to you and we look forward to welcoming you into the pool very soon!

Everlast Fitness Filton

Fox Den Rd Stoke Gifford BS34 8SP

Penny Porter

18a Dragons Well Road Henbury BS10 7BU


Flaxpits Lane Winterbourne BS36 1JL


Gable Farm Bristol Road BS48 1NE

The Campus

Highlands Lane Weston Super Mare BS24 7DX

Karen Parkin

Hi, I'm Karen! I grew up by the sea in Devon and being in the water has been a massive part of some of my most cherished memories. When I had my two daughters I couldn't wait to introduce them to the water and swimming with Turtle Tots gave me the confidence to do that. Their gentle approach was the perfect fit for us. Being able to instil that confidence and sense of fun in the water into other parents and their babies is an absolute joy - one I think will never get old!

Joy Hooper

Hi, I'm Joy. I've been teaching swimming since my children were small, thirteen years now and still love every minute. I've taught adults, pre-school age, school children & special needs one-to-ones. What I love most is teaching babies and toddlers. My first memory of swimming is sitting at the bottom of the pool having make-believe tea parties with my mum. I now help coach our lovely new teachers too. It is very rewarding being part of this close team. See you at one of my classes soon!

Kate Pearson

Hi! I'm Kate. I have three young children and have loved taking them all to their swimming lessons. My youngest is currently learning to swim with Turtle Tots which is one of the highlights of our week! I really enjoy sharing this happy experience with other children and their grown-ups through being a Turtle Tots teacher.I love the child-led approach we have at Turtle Tots, and the lessons are so much fun. See you in the pool!

Aimee Berrington

Hi, I'm Aimee. Becoming a Turtle tots swimming teaching has been one of the most rewarding jobs ever. Being in the pool, singing and playing games is so much fun ( I'm a big kid at heart). I love seeing my little swimmers improving each week and gaining so much new found confidence. As well as teaching, I also work at Turtle Tots Head Office running the Bristol franchise .So If you don’t see me in the pool, I will look forward to replying to your emails or booking you on to one of our classes.

Hi, I’m Ellisha I have worked with horses for many years but due to an accident I had to change career. Luckily I had this amazing opportunity to join Turtle tots Bristol. I always wanted to work with children and love swimming, so becoming a Turtle Tots teacher was a perfect match for me. It is the most rewarding and fun job and I love being part of such a great team.

Sophie Sinclair

Hi I’m Sophie. I have worked with children for over 12 years and have loved swimming from a very young age. I’ve always felt it was a life skill that all children should learn. Both my children go to Turtle Tots and they love their lessons. Being a Turtle Tots Teacher works really well alongside my nursery job – I find it so rewarding and love being a part of the team!

Hayley Fitzgerald

Hi I'm Hayley and swimming has always been one of my passions throughout childhood and into adulthood. As I child I always wanted to teach swimming and have been since I was 16 and still LOVE every minute. It is one of the most rewarding jobs I can think of watching all the little ones progress through the program. I joined Turtle Tots in 2011 and have never looked back.

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