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WELCOME TO Turtle Tots Dundee

Hi, I’m Lynsey. I am a mum of two crazy boys, Lucas (age 5) and Patrick (19 months).

I have always loved being in the water and knew I had to get my kids in the water as much as possible too.

I started baby swimming lessons with Lucas when he was 3 months and I loved it so much, I just knew I had to become a teacher.

It is such a rewarding job. I love seeing the bond between child and carer and seeing their confidence grow each week.

Lynsey Roach

Lynsey Roach

Owner & Teacher - Turtle Tots Dundee

Hi, I'm Lynsey and I'm the proud owner of Turtle Tots in Dundee. I live in Dundee with my Husband, 2 sons, cat and a dog...Yep, it's a mad house! I first started baby swimming classes with my  eldest son when he was 3 months old. I loved the classes so much, I loved how friendly our teacher was towards us both. I left the class every week thinking "I need to do that job". 5 years later...here I am, not just teaching but having my own little part of the business.



Teacher & Director of Turtle Tots Perthshire

Hi, I’m Katie, I live in Dundee with my husband and 2 boys. When I started Turtle Tots with my first son 7 years ago it was the highlight of our week. It didn’t take long for me to realise I wanted to be a Turtle Tots teacher. When the opportunity presented itself not long after the arrival of my second son it was an easy decision to make! I have always enjoyed swimming and regard it as an important life skill. This, coupled with a growing interest in child development, means I have not only enjoyed my own Turtle Tots journey but also can’t wait to help you start yours. See you in the pool!

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