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WELCOME TO Turtle Tots London SE and Bexley

The Turtle Tots programme of swimming classes begins with aqua-natal yoga for mums-to-be , and continues once your baby is born with specialist and progressive swimming classes for babies and toddlers. The classes have also been written in conjunction with experienced personal trainers to promote fitness through pre-natal and post-natal pregnancy exercises. Every movement can be adapted to suit individual ability levels and the classes provide an excellent toning work out for mums and mums-to-be. Of course all of our swimming classes for babies and toddlers are open to dads as well, who also love to come along, as they are so fun and enjoyable!

Danielle Rogers

Danielle Rogers

Owner & Teacher

Mum to 2 small boys, i used to be a Trader in the City util i became a Mum and decided to try something new :-)

Cheryl Shore

Cheryl Shore


I am a mum of 3, Henry, Annabelle and Albert, I have been a swimming teacher for 10 years :-)

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